Photo size in a column

HI everyone,

I’ve set up a column in a CMS page, like the attached image.
The first column features a rich text box, while the second one includes an image box.

I’m facing an issue where I’m unable to align two images to have the same height.
I haven’t made any adjustments to the elements yet on this screenshot.

Both images in the screenshot are 2000px wide, and I’ve tried with various ratios, but nothing seems to be working.

Appreciate any help you can offer!

Thank you!

You can try using the Style panel to adjust the height of the images. Select the image you want to adjust and then go to the Style panel > Dimensions > Height and enter a specific pixel or percentage value. You can also use the presets in the image settings or size to a specific pixel or percentage value by clicking the “wrench” icon in the toolbar.

Check out these links:
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Hey Dagmawi,

Thanks for your advice!!

I initially set the height for the rich text box, and it resulted in a layout like the attached image.
I believe, as you mentioned, it’s likely related to the wrench button, but despite trying all the available options, the box doesn’t seem to get filled. (I also tried with the ‘fit’ section in the style panel.)

Furthermore, my initial intention was not to assign specific sizes on this richtext box for the various CMS contents, which can be text, images, or videos.

I appreciate your continued help!