Photo Gallery - Tetris style

I’m looking for a photo gallery that can easily and attractively accommodate various size/formats of images without cutting off any of the image. For example, portrait style, landscape, panoramic, square. They should display and fit together on the page as if they are pictures frames on a wall.

I saw this filler-content (see “Tetris Gallery” attached) in one of the Webflow templates and now would like it to exist in reality.

Thanks much,

Hi @JFolan, I tried to make a demo for you on how to achieve this, but I realized this isn’t possible using only Webflow. However, you can do this using custom code and 3rd party grid plugin

I did this once with a project of mine. Take a peek/clone it here:
*The plugin is initialized in the custom code section found in site settings.

I wish I could do more here, but I tried my best and this simply isn’t a responsive option without some custom code magic :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your effort. Although my client decided to go with a plain gallery display, I will keep your design in mind for another client I hope to close later this month.