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Phone portrait column changes effect desktop version


since i wanted 5 icons in a row i had to use left floating div blocks. Thats not working for mobile portrait so i tried to use two columns. but these columns also appear on my desktop version. What am I doing wrong?

thanks for your help

Hi @johanne

It sounds like you have added new elements your your design and then moved your icons into the elements. Adding and deleting elements or using the navigator panel the reorder elements changes the HTML of your site. All HTML changes are global or take effect across all view points. This is because all the view points are using the same HTML.

The only thing that is independent in a responsive design is the CSS which you change using the styles panel on the right.

In your case your original structure was fine. 5 left floating divs with 20% or less width. When you get the mobile portrait view increase the width of the divs to 50% to create the effect of having two columns.

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thank you so much ! worked out well!

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