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Phone number does not appear in Safari

Hi Webflow team

I have a problem where my contact number on the contact page does not appear when you view the website on an iphone using safari. It works with any other browser.

Any help would be great

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Craig_Thomas,

The number does appear, but seems to be really really faint. The color is almost identical to the BG color…
As a 1st step i’d suggest you remove the <span> you have on it:
Once you double click the element, click on the A with the small x next to it.

Let me know it that solves if

Have you tried another browser as it works and in the correct font colour. Its only in Safari that it changes font colour

Thank you for looking

If Safari is turning a number into a blue link… take a look at this post.

Thank you for help

I did not set them as link text just normal text. Safari turns it into a link and webflow had set it as white so that’s why you don’t see them.

@Craig_Thomas - If this resolved your issue, please mark it as solved.

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