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Phishing scam through contact forms

I received a contact form through my website. The message was from a photographer named Mel or Mela and she demanded that I remove images that she’d created. She threatened to report me to my hosting provider and to sue if I didn’t remove the images NOW. I wasn’t overly concerned because I only use images from reputable resources, but I did attempt to respond back.

The link that she provided for me to see the images that she claimed to own was broken. In addition, when I tried to email her, it was kicked back. I decided to google the phone number and email that she provided with no luck, however when I googled Melphoto I found that this is a reported phishing scam. All the messages were very similar with the same types of threats and name calling. Thankfully the link she provided was broken.

This is an example of effective phishing. The linked document contained malware and was most likely taken down by ISP action. It serves as a strong reminder - DO NOT FOLLOW LINKS OR DOWNLOAD FILES FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES.