Phantom content issues - Interaction content suddenly disappearing at random

Hi Webflow Community,

I’m suddenly having an issue with content that’s set for a page scroll interaction. It’s MIA. I’m a fairly old person, (but a new user) that has a love/hate relationship webflow. I absolutely love the endless possibilities that this amazing platform offers—but hate that I’m old and slow and not very tech-savvy. Half the fun is in the chase with issues and mishaps that I’m causing on my own—but this one has me running in circles. I would sure appreciate any help, advice, suggestions—even a good drag through the mud with all the things I’m doing wrong here in this project. :wink:

The issue:
Randomly, in edit mode, the text blocks within an interaction (that I had cloned from one of the webflow free sites) disappears. During preview mode, it’s nowhere to be seen, like kid at chore time.

I can only imagine that it’s something that I did, but oddly, the way it shows and then disappears in edit mode feels like it could be a bug? Thank you in advance for your help! I’ve uploaded a couple of screenshots from the area at the bottom of the ‘Home’ page where the issues is happening.

Here’s my preview link:

This is the beautiful freebie “Momentum” that I used to start my website … my deepest apologies to the brilliant designer who made this available to clone. I managed to butcher it quite thoroughly. Non-the-less, thank you to all the good folks that do provide clones to work with—an amazing gesture of kindness!

Thanks again to all who take the time to view/help with these issues.



Here is my public share link: