Petition to keep hosting discounts on paid plans. Pricing reviewed

Yes Vlad has just confirmed that and said it will be ‘well before July 2017’. It sound like the discount will be based on the number of sites you have. Whether that means ‘hosted with Webflow’ I’m not sure.

What a complete money grab webflow!
What a complete screw over your client base move webflow!

Here is what your price increase has done for me.
1 - will no longer even entertain hosting a site on webflow
2 - use webflow ONLY as a design tool for site framework/template

$5 - $15 - 300% increase !!
That is so rude and completely out of touch with how this could have been usable for my clients.

For small quick but nicely designed sites, I will now STRICTLY be exporting them and hosting somewhere else.
Because it is next to nothing to host multiple sites on Godaddy (literally next to nothing) not $15 ridiculous dollars/month.

The only thing that would require hosting here is the CMS.
And as sexy as you have tried to make the CMS here, now with API… for myself, it is WAY CHEAPER for personal projects, and MONEY MAKING to NOT USE webflow.



Client Billing is nice and all, but you already make money on that deal.
So the increases are purely a cash grab.
They are WAY to high.
And I am personally offended by what you have done - You have made it impossible to make money selling your service, you clearly don’t want to share profits, but jam all of them down your own throat and ignore the people who have got you here.

I am very serious in saying, that this is the end of any and all hosting projects on webflow for me from this day forward.


I don’t know other countries but for Spain it is not a competitive price as it is and I also think we should be able to earn something on top for this service (totally imposible with these prices).

Same here I’m Brazil… The amount asking for hosting makes me impossible
to compete with GoDaddy or local companies. And now I had been
restructuring my business to sell only designs done on Webflow. It is a
pity because I really love Webflow.

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Hi @klubjunk @ear @mburgos Just to give you all a reminder that if you have had a Micro, Personal, Pro or Team plan before December 19, the hosting plans are discounted to you for 50% off.

This discount will stay on that sites hosting subscription forever or until you remove the hosting subscription from the site.

However, once July 2017 is here, all new hosting plans added to your sites will not be discounted.

Also, to address the “money grab” comment, many community members have expressed the same feeling whenever we added a new feature with an extra add-on price tag with it. In response we surveyed community members and researched competitor pricing for several months. We made sure to announce this pricing change one month before it was launched. We are also giving community members discounts until July 2017.

To further breakdown the pricing…

Old pricing for CMS (monthly):
CMS hosting - $10
editor branding - $5
SSL - $5
Extra CMS items - $10 (per 500 items)
Extra Collaborators - $6 (per extra seat)

Total = $68/month (if you include 1,500 extra CMS items and 2 extra seats)

New pricing for CMS (monthly):
CMS hosting - $20
editor branding - $0
SSL - $0
Extra CMS items - $0 (up to 2,000 items)
Extra Collaborators - $0 (up to 3 seats)

Total = $20/month

If you would like to discuss this further, I would love to setup a time to talk over Google Hangouts :slight_smile:


Hi PixelGeek,

You said, “We are also giving community members discounts until July 2017.” What is this community you speak of?

You and everyone else who uses Webflow. You are the community :heart: :slight_smile:

Does the CMS come with 500 items to start with ?

All CMS hosting now starts with 2,000 CMS items. Business hosting starts with 10,000

sorry… I meant the “old plan”.

Did it start with 500 items… or zero items.

You previously said:

  • “Extra CMS items - $10 (per 500 items)”

The word “Extra” tells me there is / was something to “start with”.

The old plan started with 500

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I too love the Webflow designer, but like you, I don’t think the hosting is at all competitive, at least here in the UK.

I’d love to see a competitor feature breakdown and price.

if the CMS is $10 discounted, (NEW PRICING) including editor branding, ssl, 3 colab and 2000 items…

THAT is reasonable and good price that can be worked with.


Hi @klubjunk, yep the CMS hosting is discounted to $10 for any exising subscriptions, or any new CMS Hosting subscriptions added before July 1, 2017. The discounts will be applied to all new subscriptions automatically at subscription checkout.

The cms hosting subscriptions will remain forever, until the subscription is cancelled, or the plan membership that gives you the grandfathered discount is cancelled.

C’mon @PixelGeek… Of course it looks like a great package when compared to the old one with EVERYTHING added. I really hate this deceptive chat.

SSL is from let’s encrypt which is free so you were always wrong to charge a fee for that service.

$5 for white labelled sites is a rip and I’m sure most people weren’t paying this.

Very few would have been paying for extra collaborators.

I’m not going to complain about your price increase as that does nothing and I’ll try and make it work until it doesn’t then you’ve lost another customer. If I can make it work well I’ll let everyone know the secret.

But seriously stop using “clever” tactics to demonstrate the value… There is very little value increase to the majority of your foundation customers and supporters.

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Please read this post below if you are wondering why Webflow initially charged for SSL even though the certificate was free.

The technical know-how and setting up and auto-renewing itself is not free. If you would prefer to learn how to renew the free SSL cert manually every quarterly on your own server, by all means please go ahead.

If you forget to renew it on time on your own server, your visitors will bounce :sweat_smile:

This is just referring to the SSL which is now included in the hosting. If you think you won’t use SSL, fair enough. Nobody is forcing you to use Webflow’s hosting. Don’t need CMS? There is a basic hosting option without it. At the end of the day, simply choose what you need. The Webflow team has been trying to balance providing it’s service to as many designers/developers as possible without compromising on the value, and this new pricing reflects it well. Furthermore, on top of that they have been communicating in advance and providing goodwill discounts for existing users.

I must say though, in my experience as a web developer who has been with quite a number of web hosts, no hosting provider comes close to what Webflow is offering (as a whole). Please let me know if you find a better service.

I am not a staff of Webflow, and the opinions expressed above are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Webflow team. I disclaim all and any responsibility or liability in respect of information detailed or omitted (or the consequences thereof) from this post.


@cyberdave @PixelGeek

Everytime I think I put a little trust into webflow something always happens that makes me rethink.

About the breakdown which you mentioned, what about those people who;

  • Dont need whitelabel $5 wasted
  • Dont need all those CMS items for a small site $10 wasted
  • Only needs 1 collaborators $12 wasted

So $27 worth of features some websites wont even use???

You fill the packages with some great features for those who need it, when I joined webflow you said you was very keen to work with small businesses/websites but from the changes which you’ve made shows your main target are those bigger people.

Come on guys dont charge people for things they dont need.

Dont get me wrong, I love webflow, the service is amazing, staff are great but why make this change to punish small people?


Let’s not forget this was a paid add-on, which is now provided free should you choose to use it. If you don’t need it, it’s not a ‘waste’.

I’m not sure what you mean, but the limit was 500 previously. What’s the complaint here?

I’m not sure what you mean, but the limit was 1 previously. What’s the complaint here?

How did you get $27 of features when CMS hosting is $16??? Did you also not read above that it’s on further discounts?

Yes sure, do they let you pay for just one month for $5, or is that $5 due to a bulk/yearly discount? Do they offer hosting as reliable and fast as Webflow? Please provide a real-world example instead of pulling numbers out of the air, so that we can make a comparison.


I think your totally missing the point.

what I mean by waste is for e.g a website doesn’t need white label, it only needs 500 items, I only needed 1 collaborator.

So all these “extra” “free” features I would not be using, yet I would need to pay the price increase. Adding all these extra addons sound great, but whats the point if a website doesn’t use them?