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Personalised video player styling and thumbnail video loop

Hello everyone,

I am new to Webflow and this question is for my first site. I would really appreciate your advice:-)

Reference site is

  1. How can you embed a video without posting it in YouTube or Vimeo. I can always upload it through my ftp into my hosting space…

but from there how to integrate it into a Webflow site?

  1. When it is in thumbnail mode …how to loop the video without sound? while looking at it or scrolling etc…

  2. Once the thumbnail is clicked and the full screen or larger view of the video appears. How to keep it stylised like in this site example which I have mentioned above? I don’t want any Vimeo or YouTube format to appear on the video and also no links or anything after the video is over like how it happens in a YouTube or Vimeo link

Please let me know if there is a solution to this…:slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!!

Hello @rannjan_joawn,

welcome to webflow. First of all have look at the university:

This answers a lot of questions:

Hi @Matthias,

Thank you for the link. I am going to have a look and let you know.