Personal unique url generated on top of CMS items possible?


We are building a film festival site, and our client would like to keep it in Webflow (yay!) - But they also require a function, where user can “star” movies they browse, and then go to see a personal list while in the session. Idea is to generate some sort of unique url, that the user could then copy paste and bring along to their mobile devices or simply share. So no logins or personal data kept. Simple a custom filter for a CMS collection of movie data.

Any ideas, as how to do this with webflow and some custom code?


Since we can’t have server side code to provide a minified url, all the user’s “saved” data has to be encoded in the url somehow. This will result in increasingly long URLs as the user saves more stuff, and there is a maximum limit to how much can be stored.

There is no standard copy paste solution available as it has to be custom-coded to your project.