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Personal site built in Webflow

I’ve really enjoyed using webflow for a work project recently, and wanted to play with it a bit for my personal website. A number of years ago I came up with a personal time management system called “Getting Sh-t Done”, and I’ve replaced the old hand-coded page with a webflow page instead. Reusing the existing content and images, it only took about 4 hours start-to-finish thanks to webflow.

Check it out at


I like the GSD, as a concept. I’ve built something similar myself with Trello (which solves the sending-to-self email part), a board: to-do, today, done. Moving cards (=tasks) from one side to another is really nice.

Then onto the design: You’ve got to do some things on the website to make it finished imo:

  1. Make a favicon
  2. Style the links a bit more (this blue is really 2007). Try a bit
    darker blue, remove the underline and give it a bottom border of 2
    or 3px for the same effect.
  3. Maybe add a little spacing between the text here and there, for
    easier readability.

Furthermore well done.

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