Personal Plan downgraded code output?

When I export code from Webflow, the code is just a wall of text. No lines. Is this a new change? I had the “grandfathered” personal plan and it was announced that nothing would change with this plan. Am I locked out of good code output?

Please post detailed information if you encounter a possible bug. Otherwise we will not be able to help.

I’ve not used the export function yet but I do believe I read somewhere that there are some output options available in that window which includes the ability to minify the code.

Not sure if that’s still there or not and maybe it has gotten checked on by mistake maybe?

Someone else would know better about that and whether that option still exists though so hopefully that’s all it is and they will be able to help you out with that.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

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Exported HTML files should always be exported un-minified.

@samliew, @Mark_Bowen
That was it. I guess I’d checked it at some point in site settings.
Then I read something about Beautifying Code with Pro plan. Thought it was related.

Thanks for clearing up!

Ah glad that got you sorted.

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