Persistent (bandcamp embed) element on page

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to have an element that is not reloaded when switching pages?

Specifically, I want an embedded bandcamp player that keeps playing when you navigate to a new page. I tried having it within the nav symbol but it gets reloaded. I have also succesfully implemented it by using tabs instead of normal nav, but this is limiting in other ways, so I’m wondering if there’s some way I can just prevent the reload?

Not with Webflow per se.

When you’re in the case of doing transitions between pages, it means you are manipulating the DOM. And for that you need quite some JS development. A dev thing, not a designer thing, I mean.

There’s a “dirty” way of doing what you need to by having a page with the player and an iframe underneath. You put the site into the iframe so the player remains persistent. BUT there’s a major problem, Webflow doesn’t allow you to run one site into an iframe, in some cases. I’m not sure if it works if you export the code then build the main structure offline to rehost it.

Ah I see, thanks Vincent, makes sense.

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