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Perplexed - need some help (shared project)

Hi All,

Here’s the project:

If you navigate to the “Secondary8” page - this is where I’m having a problem. (click the top left “surgical services” box) - there are 8 “boxes” on this page.

I have everything working, except in the phone portrait mode. When I sized the browser down to this size, you can see the boxes on the left stay left justified, while the boxes on the right properly adjust their position. I have each column on the right side set to have the contents left justified, and the column on the left that’s not working I have set to right justified. (classes are columnLeft and columnRight)

The odd thing is I have the same setup for the phone landscape mode, and it works fine. The only difference is the boxes are slightly smaller on the phone portrait mode.

Any idea what’s going on? I appreciate any insight - thanks!

Please disregard - issue resolved.