Permission to edit webflow component

Just like you have given the option to export code, please give the option to edit a webflow element.

I want to edit the “add-to-cart” element to always show up and never show the “out-of-stock” message, even if a product is truly out of stock.

Since there is no pre-order option/functionality in webflow, I plan to use UI/UX to convey to my client that a product is a pre-order. I can use fancy pop-ups and text to display that, then allow them to check out as normal as usual, but they will be aware that it is a pre-order.

Aj WebOn

Hi Aj, the point of the inventory feature is to prevent you from accidentally selling products that you cannot fulfill.

If that’s not an issue for you, you can either artificially set a higher inventory, or just not use the inventory feature at all.

The reason why the client can not leave it as infifnity is because, when the product is on hand it takes about 2 weeks to ship. When it is not, it takes about 1 month to ship.

Having a pre-order button is a UI/UX design of letting customers know the products will take about 1 month to be shipped.

The customer has about 800 items so it is not practical to go to each product to manually toggle on a switch.

Interesting use case; I think I’d solve it a different way.

Most likely, I’d avoid any stock tracking in Webflow Commerce itself, because as far as I’m aware, it will simply block ordering once it hits zero stock. Definitely read the docs on that in case there’s a workaround setting, but I’ve not seen one.

Instead, you could build and maintain a separate db of your products in AirTable, where your client can easily update products when they run out of stock.

Your site would always allow ordering, however based on your AirTable info, it would either show the Order or the Pre-order button, and optionally an inventory count if you’re tracking that in the AirTable.

You can keep the AirTable synced with your CMS using whalesync, or powerimporter pro, or write your own ad-hock AJAX-style interface.

If the API allows, you may even be able to update the products db directly, and switch Track Inventory on/off automatically as you update the AirTable.

Adds some setup and cost but gives you the feature you want.