Performance of a site in designer

Hi, I get massive problems with performance in editing this page in designer. As soon as I do any change in styles or interactions it gets slooooooow, and I can’t understand which changes happen and which don’t. For example I deleted an interaction, but the page looks like the initial state of the scroll-animation. etc.
Did I crash the machine?

Thanks for help


First, try clearing your browser’s cache or even switching to a different browser to see if that helps. Sometimes, browsers can hold onto data that slows things down.

If the issue persists, consider checking the complexity of your page. Lots of high-res images, heavy scripts, or numerous animations can bog down performance. Simplifying or optimizing these elements might improve the editing experience.

Also, don’t forget to save your work frequently. In case something goes wrong, you won’t lose much progress. And no, you probably didn’t crash the machine! These things just happen sometimes with web design tools.

Hope this helps a bit!