Performance issues and glitches on Safari

My site works great in Chrome and Firefox. Safari’s causing some issues though.

  1. Z-index flickering - My site begins with a white preloader div at like z-index of 9999 to cover up the whole page and all its elements before fading out to reveal them. However, some elements which are at a much lower z-index are STILL flickering on top in Safari. Looks janky.

  1. Strange intersections on 3d rotation - I have some 3d rotation interactions set up. When I rotate around the face, some kind of intersection with another background object seems to cover up the face? I can’t tell what’s going on, but it’s not supposed to do that


  1. General sluggishness - Everything is just generally more choppy and slower on Safari. On Chrome it’s super smooth. Any idea what’s so performant that it can’t handle it? And any fixes for that?

I’m most concerned with number 1. Any ideas what’s going on?

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Public facing:

Have you found a solution? I’ve got some performance issues as well, just on Safari…