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Performance issues and "Error downloading code"

Hi @tahiles

Thanks for posting about this. I am looking into this right now. Can you please share your Read-Only link or site URL?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

@tahiles I was not able to reproduce the issue in a new site so it may be isolated to your specific project. I’m standing by for that link so I can investigate this further for you.

Can you also please send me screenshots of the behavior you’re describing.

Can you please try the following:
(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:
(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me:

Could you please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page?

There should be a small share link when you visit the page which you can send to me.

Thanks in advance!

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Oh, I can do it…

Just can’t be out of town and expect someone else to take care of this for
me if I can’t get online…

I can’t download code right now. From two different locations and two different computers all I’m getting is this message:

“There were errors…Please check your connection and try again”

Saw this message for the first time about a week ago. Multiple attempts and finally got the Zip file. Now it’s just not working…


HI @tahiles

Thanks for posting about this! I am looking into it now with the team and will respond when I have more information!

Is this the same issue / project you reported here?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

same project…

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Thanks again for posting and sharing your Read-Only link. I have reported this issue to the team and we are investigating now. I merged your other post here as well as they appear to be related.

I will respond as soon as I have more information.

Thanks for your patience

@Revolution could you elaborate on this point? How did you hear this? I haven’t heard this and am very interested to see if there is something going on. Thanks!

Maybe read this thread

Nothing yet?

Still getting the following message:

“There were errors downloading your site information. Please check your connections and try again.”

This is happening when “Loading Code”, AFTER the progress wheel spins for much too long. I can’t get to “Download” so it’s not my connection, it’s internal on your end.

In other words the “Errors downloading” refers to retrieving the code for zip and download.

Hi @tahiles

You are correct—the issue is not related to a network connection.

We are still investigating this and trying to uncover the root cause. As soon as I have more information I will report back immediately!

I appreciate your patience and consideration so far.

No problem, I’ve edited and FTP’d my HTML to my hosting server.

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Okay, now this is getting critical.

My site is eCommerce without online checkout, business by phone.

I need to be able to edit AND download for Black Friday specials.

Please, please, plesae…let’s get this fixed or Webflow will be causing me serious financial losses…

It’s been a week now. I think that’s plenty of time to have fixed this issue.

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I’m SERIOUSLY getting to the end of my rope.

My business missed running Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday deals.

There’s no way to say how much this has cost me but $10K is a conservative number.

Webflow was notified about this problem SEVENTEEN days ago. That’s TWO WEEKS and THREE DAYS.

There’s a whole lot of tech work I can do in TWO WEEKS and THREE DAYS.

The response to my problem has been COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

Please get your shit together and fix my site!

Just to keep this alive…

Webflow offered me a year of hosting, I declined.

When I started with Webflow they didn’t offer PDF Hosting so I went with external hosting and page addresses ending with html.

I spend around 100K annually on SEO and SEM. To move back to Webflow with a .com (without .html) would absolutely hurt my traffic for a MINIMUM of six months. That would cost me a LOT of money.

I missed running Black Friday promotions and that cost me somewhere around 20K.

Webflow has made changes to the way code is compiled and changes are published. These changes are said to increase performance. All it’s done for me is stop my service.

They say it’s because my “Project Size is too big” at 1.2 Gig.

My “Project” is my business and it’s “size” hasn’t changed in the last two years. All that’s changed is that publishing takes forever and downloading code doesn’t work.

In a nutshell, Webflow has stopped providing me services I’ve paid for and been using.

They say it could take weeks or months to fix this. I think that’s unacceptable.

I’ve now been wothout service for over a month.

Hi @tahiles, thank you very much for following up on this thread. Though we did move the discussion in to a direct message format, that was not reflected in this forum post which is unprofessional and a poor experience from the Webflow Customer Success team. We promise to provide better support in the future.

I want to assure you that we are doing everything possible on this end to rectify the situation and enable site export on your Webflow site. Many, many hours have been poured into identifying the culprit and working on an extended fix for exporting your site.

Please know that the offer still stands (as communicated in our direct messages), for covering a year of hosting and that we are more than happy to perform site exports manually on this end of your site and send you the site zip files for each export until we have found a more permanent resolution to allow you to export the site on your end.

Please send us an email to if you’re needing a manual site export performed and we’ll work with the team to get that taken care of right away.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve the issue.


Thanks SO MUCH for the offer of manual export to solve my issues while awaiting a fix.

I’ll be in touch soon to take advantage of this offer.

This is just what I need for the interim and will be in touch early next week for my first manually exported Zip File.

Have a great weekend!


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