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Perch cms + webflow live stream

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of doing a full site integration with webflow and Perch CMS. I’ll be using to do so. Do you think this will be useful to anyone? if so I will be prepping to do it. Next Saturday. Thanks!


That sounds awesome :smiley: I am sure people will find it usefull. Post more details when you know more!

Great! I will continue to update here to keep everyone informed.

I think a lot of people would be interested. However Livestreams are never going when I can watch them. If it’s a really good video could Webflow put it out on their Youtube Channel?

@Darian That’s an option too. Would anyone have a screen record option that they could recommend for something like this? I could do it that way and edit it down for a cleaner presentation. Don’t worry I won’t leave out any details. I have to do this anyway so I thought why not record it to help others since I see it posted here a lot. Thanks!

I use Camtasia for offline screen recording. (

For live streaming to YouTube and Twitch, I use OBS (

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Thanks @PixelGeek I’ll look into that today.

Looking forward to the video. Been looking into ways to incorporate blog

You can also use QuickTime on Mac to record your screen and audio for offline :). Stoked to see this!!!

First of all I would love to see that in action! I would recommend building a quick CTA website where you will collect emails of people that wants to see that live stream. Using those emails you will be able to notify people quickly. I did that at and worked great :wink:

I would recommend live streaming on YouTube. I did that last time with my Q&A and what is great is that right after streak is finished it is available at YouTube to watch it any time!

If you will have troubles setting that up I’ll be happy to help you!


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Hey, guys. I wanted to deliver an update. I went ahead and did a screen record of the entire process. Give me like a day to edit it down and do a v/o. I’ll post the links here and will be free to answer any questions. I really think this will be helpful to the community because I’m going from start to finish as well as moving past some roadblocks. I hope you all enjoy! Standby


Perfect! Great to hear David :) Notify us when you’re up with that tutorial ;)