Percentage (%) values not consistently working for mobile size interaction

It seems to be an issue directly related to the viewport rather than the fact that it’s on mobile. The issue is with my ‘Photo Slide Down’ interaction as an image Scrolls Into View.

If I turn my phone sideways it works. Yes the layout also changes, but I tried adding the animation without any additional styling and it still doesn’t work on mobile with a vertical orientation. You can see on desktop (and other views) that as a photo scrolls into view, it should utilize the size interaction, which slides down and reveals the image. It’s set to trigger on all devices, so that’s set up correctly as well.

While troubleshooting I found an odd workaround that is only working sometimes. I changed the value from 0% to 0px, which worked. And then when I changed it back to 0% it continued to work. But it would not initially work starting at the 0% value without changing it to pixels and then back to a percentage (I hope that makes sense). But when trying this workaround on the original interaction that is set up the exact same way, it is still not working because setting the size to 0% isn’t working. I kept my test interaction at the very bottom of the page so you can compare the 2.

Thanks so much for the help!

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