Per-user password in webflow

Hi all! I need help in order to understand if this is possible: I want users to put their info and pay with Converge Pay API (unfortunately, I cannot use any other APIs). Once successful, they log into a password protected page in a Webflow site using their email address as their password. Is that doable?!? If so, how?

Any ideas on how to generate a per-user password? If Webflow doesn’t allow this, are there any other tools that do?

Any info will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi :wave:

This is not possible, natively, with Webflow. You can though add something like MemberStack which allows you to add user authentication on top of Webflow. This would give you “per-user passwords”.

Problem…MemberStack does not support Converge Pay, only Stripe.

Unfortunately, I must go with Converge Pay because it complies with HIPAA security standards. Thanks for your reply, Chris.

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