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People wish, a layout with hidden fullpage panels in Webflow

Hi all I did this layout following a request on the forum but I can’t find back what the post was… I hope his author will see that.

It’s a simple one-pager with a grid of teasers and full nodes as hidden panels. Both the page and the panels are scrollable vertically. There is still an issue with double elevators that I wish I could resolve.


There are two things to consider when reviewing this work:

1/ The teaser + panel is one element with one reusable interaction. It means you can duplicate it and it will continue to work without interferences. That was not easy to do. That’s why the clising button is outside of the element and works for every element.

2/ Check the Dashboard page inside the site. As the full node panels are hidden, it can be tedious to edit. So the content of the panels sits in a div that is transformed to a Symbol. This page hosts all the symbols so the edition of the pages is way easier. There are many occasions in Webflow where you can use Symbols for content that is difficult to access, so you can create a dashboard page with all difficult to access elements.

Clone it, make it better!


Missing link! Would love to check it out!

Oops well yes it’s usefull

very cool “follow me on webflow” badge at the bottom. Is that an official badge or did you make that yourself?

I did it myself. Patent pending. Just kidding I needed to write 30 characters.


very nice and on brand. :wink:

I steal HEX values and resell them as gradients for a living #thuglife

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