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PDF send to the client won't print

One of my Client says he can’t print the invoice sent each month.

His printer printed an error.

He said the only time he gets this error is with our invoices.

I tried printing it from my computer and the printer never respond.

Anyone ever had this problem?

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Hey Pierre! Is this invoice you’re referring to a Client Billing invoice?

I’m going to go ahead and tag some WF staff members, as they may be more experienced with this type of issue. @PixelGeek @rileyrichter @Waldo


Hello, @Pierre_Landry! Thanks so much for posting about this! And thanks for tagging me, @mattvaru!

The error is thrown due to an issue with the font. There are a few things that your client can try.

  1. They can update their PDF reader or browser they’re printing from
  2. They can update their printer driver
  3. If they are using Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF, I do believe there is an option available to only rely on system fonts. Checking that box would also solve the issue.

In the meantime, I’m going to grab some PDF’s and do some testing and see if I can print on my end.

I’ll let you know as soon as I learn more! :webflow_heart:


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