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PDF Invoice quantity


Why does my invoice show quantity of 3, should be 1???


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Can you help here @PixelGeek ?

Hi @RoseWebStudio, @PiterDimitrov

Taking a look at this for you now. :eyes: and will keep you posted :slight_smile:


Thank you…

Yes, me too! Pretty confusing. :slight_smile:

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Hi any update on this please? Thanks

Hi @RoseWebStudio,

From what I can tell, this is to do with client billing. There are 3 line items which are collapsed, but the quantity is not, which everyone is in agreement… it’s definitely confusing.

There is a discussion in progress with the team the best way to move forward with this issue to make it more clear, although the team are on holidays until the new year, but please be assured that this thread has been added to the discussion. :slight_smile:


Thanks, looking forward to hearing the outcome of your discussions

Any updates please? Thanks

Hi @RoseWebStudio,

Thanks for following-up with us, and happy to help! :bowing_man:

I was able to take a look at this open issue with our engineers and noted that yesterday it was prioritized by our Backend Engineers.

Though we don’t have timeline, this forum thread is noted to receive an update as soon as one is available.

Thanks again, and thanks for your patience :pray:


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