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PDF Change Attachment in Editor


I have a slider in the header of a website I’ve built. One slide is a link to download the Fall schedule. I thought I used to be able to easily click on and change the attachment in the editor. But now I don’t seem to have an attachment option? Am I losing my mind?

My hope was that my client can easily update that link as needed.

Hi @Riz,

Sometimes the editor is not super convenient, especially when dealing with stuff like javascript animation in a slider. When entering the editor mode javascript is disabled.

A workaround however (even if not ideal) would be to create a collection with one item with a file attachment field.

This way you could use a collection list in your slide to display the link and therefore download the schedule.

Your client can access the Schedule collection inside of the CMS and change the attachment of the collection item.

The downside of it is that it will create a collection page template but you can quickly design a page template dedicated to download it (just in case someone put the direct url in his browser) or setup some redirection or even “do nothing” as I think if you don’t put any element on a collection page template webflow will reference it as a 404.

But at least for your client you will get what you need.


Got it! I gave this a try! It seems to work! I will work on adding the collection page template as you suggested.

Thank you for your help!


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Glad it works for you,

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