Paypal/Stripe JS Causing PageSpeed Issue

I have optimized the website with many things, Site CSS, HTML, and JS Minification are enabled. Images are optimized and converted to webP format, lazyload enabled. But The Problem I can see is on Paypal and Stripe payment JS.

Look at the page speed test report and check the third-party code section. On the website homepage, there is no payment work. But the JS of Stripe and Paypal is loading. On PageSpeed test showing 3rd party code causing on speed score.

How to get rid of this problem?


Hi, i need the same answer. I was on wordpress before and i used to excluse all theses script (paypal and stripe) from loading on my “SEO Friendly” page. How can we do the same on webflow without affecting it in checkout pages ?

On WordPress you can enqueue scripts wherever you want. On Webflow e-commerce you can’t as everything gets loaded across a project’s pages.