PayPal shipping address. Do you always get it?

Hi Guys,

Just a few questions before I have my client commit to billing for the E-Commerce plan.

They’re wanting to use PayPal as the only checkout option due to simplicity. Obviously I can’t test this properly until they’ve linked their PayPal account, billing and I switch on checkout. I just wanted to know a few things;

  • Does PayPal always return a billing address? Even if the ‘Direct Payments API’ is used (pay by card)
  • If not, is there a way to enforce this?

The reason I ask is that I’m doing a number of checks in custom code to show/hide certain shipping options based on what first two letters are present in the ‘postcode’ string returned from PayPal. Obviously, if no address is provided from PayPal I would have to try this by watching the postcode input field and changing options accordingly. I have started on that (and it’s almost working how i’d like it to) as I can get to the checkout screen on staging, just not the PayPal checkout screen.

I appreciate @foxy can do all of this for me but I wanted to have a try at a pure Webflow solution prior to switching.

Thanks in advance,

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