Paypal Debit & Credit Fields Not Accessible

I’ve built an e-commerce site with PayPal enabled, which all works fine, except… if I tap on the ‘Debit or Credit Card’ button that sits below the ‘Paypal’ and ‘Pay Later’ buttons in the cart, it loads the additional form fields, but there is no way to scroll, so the form is inaccessible / impossible to complete. Has anyone found a way to fix this?

make sure that the body in that page doesn’t have Overflow set to hidden. :slight_smile:

or add the read-only link
here’s how to share a read-only link

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to solve the issue. Overflow is all visible, and I can see the additional form fields, there’s just no way to scroll inside of the cart panel.

Read only link: Webflow - The Potters Shed

Oh, I see.
I was thinking about a different page thing but the read link helps a lot.

Set the overflow of the Cart Container 2 to either Scrolling or Auto and that should do it! :slight_smile: