Paypal Button white on white

I have put a number of paypal buttons on my webpage, the options background is white and
the text color of the chosen option is also white, meaning I cannot see which option was chosen. Can you help with this? I have inspected the code, but I am not sure
where to look to change this property, I think it may be in the CSS stylesheet, but
I am not sure where to look. Any ideas to solve this problem would be appreciated.
The option background is blue when I mouse over it. But the text is white,
then when the option is chosen, the background is also white. This is demonstrated,
although it is still in development, at
o_t_a_read it can also be reached through navigating through the index page, to Offers, choose Offers button on home/index page then the small reading button. I designed most of the webpages in Webflow, but I moved it over to my host because I use a bunch of custom sql in php. This is the only way I know how to do it, so please refrain from any criticisms. Also, my buttons on the index page are not showing up as they were styled in Webflow, but this is not a major problem, although I am open to suggestions to fix it.
Thank you.