Paypal and Browser checkout not showing correctly

Hi all, i made a different navigation on homepage compared to the other pages and the checkout works perfect but the PayPal and Browser payments not showing on homepage cart.

If someone could help, it will be great, I have never encountered this problem.

HOMEPAGE on the left image and OTHER PAGES on the right image

Read Only Link

Live Website

@memetican could you give a look at this?

Hi @Dionisie ,

In your homepage’s </head> custom code, there is an open <style> tag with no close. 90% chance that’s the problem, these can lead to some pretty unpredictable results. I’d start with that.

If it does not fix the problem the next step would be to temporarily suppress all of the code on your homepage to see if anything is interfering.

And then if that doesn’t fix it, I’d bring it to Webflow’s support team.

Thank you, this was the problem.