Payouts and Stripe set up

Hi Guys

I’ve set up a webshop and entered my bank details into the stripe set up inside webflow.

I have clients getting charged for goods > money deducted from account and a stripe ID created, but no way to check on this. I’ve emailed webflow a few times with no response to direct email support and also called stripe who verify the transaction IDs but cannot confirm an account as it says the account doesn’t exist.

I would love to know if I have done this correctly, appreciate the forum might not be the best place to discuss but with no responses from support I have little choice.

My client is really nervous as it’s been 10 days and no payments to bank but 16k of orders online - any help appreciated.


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When did you reach out to support? They can take some time if it’s something they need to investigate. They also don’t tend to work weekends. I don’t use the built-in e-commerce so I can’t say what the issue could be.
I had a look at the university article about payouts and this is what I found

. It says ‘Payouts are processed according to your Stripe account’s payout schedule. You can see a list of all of your payouts and the date that they are expected to be deposited into your bank account in your Stripe Dashboard’s payout section.’.
This maybe something you’ve read already but in case you haven’t, have you checked this?