Payments and info forms connection

One of our client’s website is . The client provides copyrighting services for real estate businesses.

The users are supposed to purchase the services, and then fill the form with info about copyrighting request. Then, client creates copyrighting text and emails it to them.

Now, product purchase and copyrighting info form are independent of each other. The client is afraid that the users may fill the form without making a purchase, and it may lead to client working on the request without getting paid.

How may we set it up in a way such that only people who pay can access the info form?

The task is complicated by the fact that the forms are part of the e-commerce CMS. That is, when a user goes to one of the services, he first fills out a form (which is unique for each service), and then he is redirected to the payment page, which is also part of the e-commerce CMS, using the hidden “Buy Now” button.

The desired user flow is as follows: the user goes to the service page - clicks on the order button - goes to the payment page - after payment, he is redirected to a form that is unique for each service, where he must specify the details of the order.


Checkout link:

Please help. Thank you!