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Payment options


Tell me please if it’s possible to add a cash on delivery payment method? I see only the stripe/paypal where card number is required. I can’t delete a payment info field.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Natalia1990,

Allowing for Cash on Delivery might be possible with our Free Orders feature.

With Free Orders users can go through the checkout flow without entering card information. The user will then receive an email with their order information. Afterward you can follow-up with the user and send an invoice or quote for their order. You can then collect payment outside of Webflow.

Free orders also show in the order manager.

Using Free Orders

To use our Free Orders features simply set the price of the product to $0.00. At checkout the user will only need to fill in their email and billing address.

Keep in mind that an Ecommerce site plan is required to use this feature and a Stripe or PayPal payment gateway will need to be connected.

More information on Free Orders can be found here: Accept Ecommerce orders without payment | Webflow University.