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Paying for help with Google Tag Manager Implementation

Our site redesign/move to Webflow (site went live first week in June) has us tanking in the SERPS - at this point I am trying to do anything and everything possible to regain our traction. (well, other than paying for AdWords lol)
I have tried to implement Google Tag Manager (and Optimize) to our site - but it simply is not working. I have tried every “workaround” listed in the various forum posts about it - but still cannot get it to work without errors.
It would be great if you could also help me find any errors in our code or what-ever-it-is-I-have-done-wrong on the back end that may be affecting the site or causing ranking.

Without knowing what your previous site is like, and what your current site is, it’s hard to tell what’s going wrong.

Was every single page recreated from the old site with the same content? Have you checked the Google Search Console for crawling errors?

Hello @Rowananye,

I am familiar with your requirements and i can surely help you. Please add me on $kype: cis.troy to discuss more. or mail me