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Pay Pal Payment Option in the ecommerce

Has PayPal been added as a payment option yet.

Not added yet. It’ll surely be announced in the official announcement category once ready.

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No not yet, we are waiting

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Thank You , Had to move on down the Road… Tried it.
Hung up in 2 days…

Very Frustrating

Lots of catching up to do on WF part… it’s not all about design.
It’s about, Inventory, Shipping, Getting Paid, and mainly the ease to upload
thousands of different items, in hundreds of Categories…
The Software Im using now has Desktop, and Three Apps on The App Store and Google Play.
it’s very Flexible. Apps Scan Barcodes. Check out with the Smart Phone by multiple users
and pay with a CC on the Phone. So I know WF is working on all the Latest and Greatest Bells and Whistles and they will eventually tie it all together… For Sure… it’s just a matter of time.