Pausing new Users subscription (Beta)


We are testing the new User & subscription feature in webflow. Two questions / feedback;

  • Can I gate certain sections of pages or is it only possible to gate/restrict entire pages for user groups?

  • Is there a way for users to pause their subscription, instead of only cancelling?

Thank you,


Currently no. All that’s allowed at the moment is to gate entire static or collection template pages.

Interesting question. I haven’t noticed this myself. So far I’ve only seen the ability to cancel. The paid memberships are tied into the Webflow ecommerce solution so you can do many (if not all) of the things available in ecomm, but maybe someone else can chime in with a definitive answer.

You could also ask this on the Memberships beta forum, sometimes Webflow staff will chime in. Also, you could send a support email to Webflow, they’ll give you a definitive answer for sure.

As Chris said, at the moment you can’t do this with the memberships beta - you can do this with Memberstack though with a simple data attribute!

As for pausing subscriptions, I’m almost completely sure this isn’t possible - although it would be a great feature (not only for this, but all services)