Pattern Custom Attribute suddenly stopped working

I am experiencing an issue with custom attributes on a couple form inputs and I can’t figure out what’s going on

I have 3 form inputs for customers to enter their various website URLs - I was using the PATTERN custom attribute to require the http and error any special characters… everything was working great for a few months and suddenly the custom attribute is just completely ignored.

It’s creating all sorts of issues with my Zapier connections and I’m really hoping someone might be able to give me a pointer as to what’s going on. It shouldn’t accepting these broken URLs but it seems to just completely ignore the pattern

Here is my pattern as well

If you look in chrome devtools, you can see the error-

Pattern attribute value ^(http://)(www.)?[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%.+~#=]{2,256}.[a-z]{2,6}(/[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%+.~#?&//=])?$ is not a valid regular expression: Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /^(http://)(www.)?[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%.+~#=]{2,256}.[a-z]{2,6}(/[-a-zA-Z0-9@:%+.~#?&//=])?$/v: Invalid character in character class

By the way at a glance, your regex disallows https:// which means most modern website URLs.