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Pasting SVG from Sketch into HTML Element vs Importing Blurry SVG files

When I import an SVG into webflow, I’m seeing sharpness issues on the image. As a workaround, I’m copying svg code directly from sketch, and pasting it into an html element.

The former gives me greater positionioning and sizing control over my elements on the page, yet is blurry.

The later, I lose resizing ability which happens naturally with webflow’s breakpoints, but my images are sharp.

I need the best of both worlds. Can anyone recommend a workaround? Also, why are svg’s blurry in webflow?


Can you post your read-only link to see it.

When you save a SVG from Sketch, nothing prevents you to have designed it not pixel perfect and not aligned on the pixel grid. if the blurry parts are edges I’m thinking that it may be the case.

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