Pasting Lever custom script - how to style

I have a custom Lever script that I was using on WordPress previously that displayed with the default Lever styling. i have put the script inside of a embed element which is inside a div, and the only thing getting styled is the label for job category i.e. Engineering from the script tag. How can I style the rest of the content?

Give classes to elements, or write the names of the classes, create dummy elements on your Webflow page, style as you can, and check the result on publish.

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Thanks, this mostly worked. Word of advice to anyone else trying to do this if you deploy to staging endpoint you can see what the issues are with inspect (assuming you are familiar with using chrome/firefox dev tools) and view styles being applied to each of the elements in your html. You can then debug over here and figure out if any classes are overriding your custom CSS and in your embed element above the JS code you can toss in your CSS into a style tag to target the appropriate element(s).