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Pasting from Google Sheet / Excel into Rich Text Block

I’ve read other posts on difficulties pasting into rich text blocks, and haven’t managed to find any solution for what I’m trying to achieve.

For each CMS item, I have a rich text block which contains a list of words with definitions.

This is generated in a Google Sheet, then I paste it into rich text block.

It’s just 3 columns, e.g:

Traction || : || the fact of an idea, product, etc. becoming popular or being accepted

This continues for normally about 50 different definitions.

It’s important that the result in Column A is bold, as I have a script that changes the colour of this on the page.

However, whenever I paste into my rich text block it looks like this:

Which is really annoying, as I have to go back and put in line breaks manually.

When trying to paste it first elsewhere (e.g. Notes / Text editor) it has the opposite issue, and puts a break after every cell.

Is there a workaround / has anyone found a solution for pasting from a spreadsheet and a line break only being inserted when there is a new row?

Thanks - Alastair