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Paste Header into secton collecion list template

Hey all,
i have a problem that i don´t understand. I have two collection lists on my webpage. Both collection templates will have the same design. I created the first one and i want to put the same symbols and content in the second one. It works with all symbols but not with the header. I don`t understand why, can you help me please?

CMS collection one calls “Projekte”
CMS collection two calls “Illustrationen” (here is the problem)

My read only link is below. and also a screenshot…

All the best robert

Here is my site Read-Only:

In trying to follow your issue and struggling to make sense of what you are actually doing. I might not be alone since nobody has offered help. Can you please try to explain in greater detail? Alternatively record a video of the whole designer window and share it. That would be much more effective.

Hello, thanks for your reply. Sorry for the bad explanation. Here is a video of my problem:

Thanks for the video, that was perfect. I was able to confirm this looks like a bug in the designer. I am changing the topic to Feedback - Bugs.

I would recommend that you also open a ticket with the support team, referencing this topic.

Many thanks Jeff, iˋm going to open a support-ticket
All the best


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