Paste Function in webflow doesn't work

Paste function in webflow doesn’t work.
I want to use flowbase component in my website but on webflow paste option doesn’t work and flowbase has only copy option. Please help me how can i use flowbase compnent in webflow

Hey Mohit can you just use the keyboard? CTRL+V or COMMAND+V?
Just curious as the message says disabled “in the context menu”, rather than just “disabled”

yay ctrl + v works now but a month ago it doesn’t work

Very interesting. I’ve seen a number of web-based apps face similar challenges. I think it’s a browser security issue- if you use CTRL+V, you’re telling your system to deliver the clipboard contents into the browser and webpage, and the scripts can respond to that properly.

If you use a context menu, then the script has to request permission to access the clipboard and that’s a lot more dicey. Imagine if every webpage you visited was grabbing passwords, bank account #'s etc. off your clipboard? So browsers seem much more strict about that.

Scripts that copy-to-clipboard seem much less restricted, which also makes sense.

The browser is trying to evolve as a shield between the user and the website, protecting us from nasty stuff.