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Paste across all pages possible?

So I realise I need to include a “to top” button on all pages of an almost done site.

I need it to be its own symbol (so I cant just add it to any other symbol).

Site is already 20 collections+ and 15 pages.

Can I paste this new symbol on all pages in one click, rather than having to load every single page and paste or add it?

TIA! :smiley:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You could add it to your footer’s symbol if youhave one…

So no, sorry, only thing I can do to help is to recommend you some good podcasts to listen to while you paste it on 15 pages :slight_smile:

Ha! Thanks a lot. I sure love a good Podcast!

I would say it helped a little to have the magic Command+E to quickly add the symbols (yes, i ended up needing two).

It would also be lovely to be able to create a site-wide page load command, wouldn’t it?

Or to finally get to see the real Santa in person, after all these years of dissapointment :slight_smile:

I think I remember that some old programs like Dreamweaver had a notion of Master page where everything you put on them appears on all pages…