Passwords cannot be submitted after clickng submit button

When my password page is loaded the 401 appears.
When I click the submit button on the password page, I will receive an alert.
I tested on different browsers and in incognito mode. It always is the same.
If somebody knows how to solve it? Maybe somebody has the same problem?

This might be related?

In my sites, the password works fine, but it it’s mis-entered or blank, you’ll get a 404.

In my case it is a standard Webflow page. I only change css styles.

Here is s readonly designer link: Webflow - Tomasz Abramski User Experience Designer and User Experience Researcher

It’s loading fine for me.
Just in case you’re trying to access /password directly, that’s not how it works. The password utility page appears when it’s needed for authentication, so you access the protected resource like so-

Mod Edit: Link and image removed per request from original poster.

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