Password protection issue

Recently noticed an issue on a password protected site I created. If the username/password are inputted incorrectly on the first try, the login box disappears. Only the locked page with note saying “…you must provide valid credentials” shows up. This only happens on mobile. Only way to bring it back is by clearing browsing history/cookies.

I had feedback from a client that said they experienced this same issue on their laptop, so I believe it’s not limited to mobile.

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Just wondering if anyone has had this issue with the password protection. I recently updated the password on my website & it’s become a problem for me. If people accidentally enter the old password, they are locked out from being able to enter the new one. The only way to retrieve the password login box is to erase browsing history.
Its pretty embarrassing to have to explain this glitch to my clients. Any thoughts?

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Passord i Webflow er crap!!!

I have the same problem, very annoying. I hope Webflow to make password protection much better in the future. Would also be a nice feature to password protect certain pages within a site och to make a simple login.

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