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Password protection for individual pages and folders

I have a nonprofit prospect who wants a password protected page on their site. They want to store certain documents for their board members that they don’t want to have out in the public (perhaps board minutes and other important stuff). It doesn’t even need a username. Just a password that unlocks the content on that page. Does anyone have any good workarounds?

Pages that host forms we only want certain people to access like staff or specific clients could be useful with individually password protected pages.

Hi @brryant

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The main reason for my request for password protected pages is that I have wedding photography websites on another platform which I am desperate to bring to Webflow.

So for instance, after a wedding has been photographed all the pictures of the day will go on the website for the bride, groom and family to see. But these photographs need to on a secure page so no one else can see them.

I strongly believe that if you implemented this feature designers like myself would be adding a lot more sites to Webflow.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. We’re actively working on this feature and will be starting beta testing next month. Stay tuned!


Thats great news. Are you working on a simple one like password protecting pages and folders or a full fledged member login system? Either way it will be a useful feature.

Hi @brryant - that’s fab news!

Have you seen my original post here:

Would the new password feature be able to handle this?

Would be great to know whether I should tell my client to wait a bit or push ahead with the Sentry login?


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Hi @brryant – the inability to password protect page (of folder of pages) has become something that is preventing me from being able to recommend using webflow for a potential client.

Their use case: my client has some CMS generated content they would only like certain people to see - ideally this would be via user registration process – but I realise this is something much more difficult to achieve with webflow in the short to medium future – however, I think I could work with the simpler ability to password protect certain pages as you suggest is in the works.

Please consider adding me to any beta test and I’d be happy to give it a through real-world test and report back with any problems encountered.


I really need this feature in my site very soon so that is great news!
Will its features be just like sentry login, or will it be more limited?

See this thread:

Page password protection is on our short term roadmap so that might work
as a workaround. Member login system is much more complex to do
correctly/securely so it won’t be coming anytime soon.

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Is password protection on your subdomain and specific domains a thing coming on the short term roadmap as well?

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+1 would really like to have the ability to password protect individual pages.

For my animation portfolio page there are a few projects that I would like to show to specific potential clients or employers, however I would not want the work to be available to the public.

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When we release it, per-page password protection will work if you have a hosting subscription set up


What? Is IT live? …

Is this actually working? How do we implement, not seeing it anywhere?

this helps to protect the sources from external factors which causes problem

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How does this work? I can’t see any options for it.

Wait what?!? I need this feature right now. Is this live?!

Sorry Lindsay, we’re getting close to sharing a beta with users. It’s not live currently.


@brryant +1 and some input …

As I’m having experiences with several passwort protected sites, which we did with another technology and I hope to do this type of sites someday with Webflow, today I will give you some input from my actual feature set for some clients.

  • All of my clients in the B2B area need stuff to download. Like brochures, pictures, manuals, etc.
  • Some of them also want to have some things public and some things not, eg. g. we let some not confidential stuff like brochures, low res pictures, end user documentations of products public
  • For other stuff there is the need for registered clients, or partners, sales people or internal departments to have a quick access to special stuff, like highres images, internal documentations, configuration manuals, etc.
  • This means for us most times about 4-6 different hierarchical access levels to which we can order registered users
  • Means users can register with a double opt in process and after manual proofing of their access level, through maybe a sales person, they would have access via login site. The princip is they are surfing through the site after login and see more content than the public users
  • in convenient solutions later they can edit and change their data, also
  • CMS editors can edit, filter and export this data for other needs, like maybe newsletters
  • And for sure, as we already give this users access to downloadable material, we also have clients, which are using this also for pages or whole folders, like discussed here.

Until now this is coded individually by developers for our clients and I know this is much work to handle all this session stuff over a whole site for this developers, we hired, what is leading to high prices at least for the basic solution and for all further changes and additions as well. So I hope we can someday bring such sites also to Webflow, where it will be much easier, like with all the other great stuff, what Webflow is already offering.

Hope this helps.