Password Protection for EACH CMS Collection Page


I’ve scoured the forum for a solution to password-protect individual CMS pages (including Password protect CMS collection pages). Is there no workaround right now? I’ve had success password-protecting the CMS Collection pages, but I really need it for individual project pages for portfolio work.

Thanks in advance.
Best, Ash.

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There is no facility for this in Webflow.

If you are doing it purely for marketing purposes and are ok with it being very insecure, you could build something custom in javascript + CSS.

Hi Ash,

It sounds like you want to password protect (with different passwords) each CMS Collection Item. Webflow doesn’t allow you to get that granular with their password protection (Webflow Memberships, password protected pages, etc…) by default.

There are workarounds.

From the sounds of it you’re not trying to password protect sensitive information, but instead just block access from anyone other than a client to their portfolio work.

Solution 1:

If you remove this from the CMS, then you can simply password protect individual pages.

Solution 2:

If you need something from the CMS you could always try adding a Collection List Element to that static page (that is password protected) and filter for only that item. An example would be to add a field for “client” and give that a unique name per client.

Now you can use that specific password protected (static) page to display only that filtered CMS item within.

Solution 3:

Make the slug field for each CMS Collection Item super unique. Something like:

This 34re-09RfE4-886utyfh23we is the unique slug on the CMS item. It’s called a UUID, they are generally known to be unguessable, and you can auto generate them.

Email your client their unguessable link.

There are other creative approaches, but these are the simplest without using a 3rd party.

Hope that helps!

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Okay, thanks for the definitive answer. You’re right, I’m not looking to password protect sensitive information. I’m creating an online portfolio of my product designs for recruiters to view. For now, I want to restrict public access to all project cases and only share passwords with recruiters for the cases I’m ready to showcase. The problem is the password unlocks all project cases at once, and to future proof NDA cases, I would need individualized passwords eventually. I guess my next move to tackle is to try to remove all project cases from the CMS into regular pages.

Probably a good choice, though option #2 may help to remove some burden as well.