Password protected page not asking for password

I’m relatively new to webflow and I have a page in my website which needs to be password protected.

I click the [COG] icon of the page, under ‘access control’ selected ‘anyone with the password’ option and entered the password (test12345) and click ‘save’. The page shows a lock icon in the thumbnail

When I publish the website and click on the link to the page, it doesn’t ask me the password and takes me directly to the page.

It was working previously and suddenly stopped and I can’t figure out why. Can anyone help with this. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve not succeeded in locking the page but…

I added the page to a different folder and added a password to the folder and now it shows the lock screen.

I flew too close to the sun and burned.

Moved the page out of the folder thinking maybe it would work, added lock and nothing!
Moved it back into the lock folder and now the lock screen doesn’t show once published (links work fine if anyone wondering)

pls help :C

Deleted folder, made new one, added page into folder, added password and now it works

It’s the next day, password protected page stopped asking for password, didn’t even touch it