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Password protected page doesn't require password after entered correctly once?


So I know that usually it is required to post a read only link, however, this is a fairly straightforward question and I’m not sure my client would want me to share this as publicly on the forum.

I made a password protected page that one can only access through an email form (the link to the password protected page is in the form submission success text.)

But, I believe that a browser saves this access to cache (even if I don’t save password to browser.)

So as long as a user is on the same browser, a user will have to submit the form again, but will not have to enter the password again?

Any help is appreciated.

If a read only link is mandatory, I’d prefer to work with someone a little more securely

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I know that if the user closes the Edge browser on Win 10 they will be forced to authenticate again. I just checked and Webflow sets a wf_auth_page cookie which expires on Session.

  • Session cookies are deleted when the current session ends. The browser defines when the “current session” ends, and some browsers use session restoring when restarting. This can cause session cookies to last indefinitely. - Source MDN
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Thanks Jeff,

That makes sense. And this will be okay for my client.

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