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Password protect CMS draft page for client review

Hi all,

I publish blog posts via my CMS about people I’ve interviewed. I allow the person to see it before so they can approve (or not) the content and images before I make it live.


I don’t need them to be an editor on the website so I’m stuck for a good method of sharing the content with them.

My current method is very hacky… I publish the article (otherwise the screencapture tool can’t scroll automatically down the page for some reason), do an entire screen capture (which is a pain even with an extention as the files are giant), the go back into the CMS, put the post into draft mode, and quickly re-publish the website.

Any ideas on how to do this better?

Can a draft post be made available via the live website but tucked behind a password?

Any other ideas?

Thanks all!

Any passwords implemented in custom code can be bypassed if the user has the know-how.

That being said, I think I might have a solution for this. Please contact me here if this feature is crucial for you.

@samliew could you provide a solution here for all of us to see?

I’m looking at password protected pages for my portfolio work. Perhaps this is already been asked.

Thank you in advance.


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