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Password cannot be submitted in Webflow forms

Password cannot be submitted in Webflow forms

Please elaborate with a question and more detail of an issue, if you need assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually I have create the login and sign up form but form is created and issue is “password can’t submititted” so please suggest me the way how can I create the login page with password in web flow.

Can you provide a read-only link so we can take a look? Also screenshots are useful of the error you are seeing.

I’m still not sure of the exact issue, as Webflow doesn’t have login functionality as such. You can (master) password protect pages or full sites though.

If you are trying to create a form in Webflow to login to an external database, it may well be related to that integration or custom code.

Please take a look to attached screen shot and also please let me know how can I make my webflow website multilanguage?

Hi @Vishal_Sharma,

I found this post which raises the issue of why there is a ‘password’ option in the form field settings if it can’t be utilised, and a workaround (bear in mind though about this not creating a login with Webflow itself just transmitting field data)

@waldo @PixelGeek can you offer any staff insight as to why there is an option for ‘password’ but seemingly not being able to use it?

Also…further thoughts on login with Webflow+external here:

Regarding multilanguage - a very heavily requested feature - be sure to add your thoughts and votes here:

Was this ever fixed? Or will it ever be fixed?


I just posted a possible workaround here: Passwords cannot be submitted